The Life Cycle of a Thunderstorm: From Formation to Dissipation

life cycle of a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are Mother Nature at her most violent. What sets thunderstorms apart from any other type of weather is the presence of lightning. Lightning can only happen from cumulonimbus clouds, and special conditions are necessary to allow thunderstorms to form. Below, we’ll explain this process. We’ll also provide a few resources at the end for … Read more

Things to Do in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Pagosa Springs is a small community full of lush mountainous and green views located in Southwest Colorado. Surrounded by the San Juan National Forest and Southern Ute Indian lands, Pagosa Springs is known for its hot springs, also referred to as “healing waters.” While its remote location doesn’t make it as easily accessible: it’s four hours … Read more

After Solar Flares, Aurora Borealis Glow: Here’s the Science

solar flare aurora borealis 3

What is the aurora? This mesmerizing natural space weather phenomenon has puzzled people for centuries. The aurora borealis and aurora australis are two types of auroras that can be seen in different parts of the world. These light shows occur when charged particles from the sun collide with atoms in Earth’s atmosphere, causing them to … Read more

11 Things to Do in Wildwood NJ

things to do in wildwood nj

Wildwood, New Jersey is a top destination among East Coast beaches. The popular Jersey beach town’s many attractions include craft shows, parades, truck and motocross races, food and music festivals, and weekly fireworks. Wildwood is famous for its sandy beaches and boardwalk, packed with family-friendly entertainment. The city is known for being of America’s highest … Read more

Welcome to The Weather Spot!

Thank you so much for visiting us. While our site is brand new, the team behind The Weather Spot is not. We also run The Weather Station Experts, a site with weather station and weather gadget reviews. If you found us through a link there, welcome! If you didn’t, be sure to check us out! … Read more