How to Use this Website

Thanks for stopping by! This website is the companion to Weather Watch: An Introduction to America’s Weather and Climate. As the book’s paperback version cannot be updated if a link disappears, a website can. This also helps to limit updates to the e-book unless absolutely necessary (when we update the book, it overwrites your highlights, bookmarks, and notes).

The menu on the left follows the order of the chapters in the book. If you have the book, great! If you don’t, we suggest you pick up a copy, but the content will still be useful, and the introduction is the same as the book. This way if you happened to find us on an internet search, you know what you’re looking at. 🙂

Each page is ordered in the same way the book is, this way you don’t have to jump around to follow along. You’ll also see a link to our blog at the top: from time to time, we’ll post shorter articles there — you can also find relevant blogs on each of the pages.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact us!