Weather Stations

Hopefully throughout this book, I’ve either kindled or rekindled your interest in weather. So how can you put all you’ve learned here into practice? I recommend investing in a weather station. I’ve owned several, and it’s always interesting to compare your observations to official observations nearby.

You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from actively watching the weather, or how much weather can be different over even short distances. I remember a recent small, slow-moving thunderstorm that passed over my home a few years ago. While I got close to 3″ of rain in a little over an hour, the official weather station just a few miles away got less than an inch – a perfect illustration of that variability. 

What should you look for? This chapter is all about that.

I’ll also make a note here that I run a website, The Weather Station Experts, all about this topic! Enough with the shameless promotion though, and on to my recommendations on picking the best weather station.