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Welcome to The Weather Spot!

Thank you so much for visiting us. While our site is brand new, the team behind The Weather Spot is not. We also run The Weather Station Experts, a site with weather station and weather gadget reviews. If you found us through a link there, welcome! If you didn’t, be sure to check us out! As you can see, we’re pretty crazy about the weather.

So, where does The Weather Spot fit in? While The Weather Station Experts is all about weather stations, we see The Weather Spot as a place to take a deeper dive into weather and introduce you to weather and climate topics we think everyone should know. We see it as the “spot” for you to find answers to questions you might have about the weather. We invite our readers to contact us with questions.

Who knows, we might even pick your question for our next blog!

What The Weather Spot will cover

We’ve already written many articles on various weather topics on The Weather Station Experts, including our popular top ten lists. In the future, you’ll find those lists here. We hope to eventually launch a few new features here in the coming months as we ramp up.

We’re also going to take a deep dive into space weather — all the more topical these days as Solar Cycle 25 ramps up. It’s already proving to be an active cycle, and we’re only getting started! You’ll hear a lot about this in the coming months, especially as the aurora start appearing across more populated areas.

The weather also affects a lot of activities in our daily life. Looking for ideas for summer outdoor entertaining when the weather’s warm? Are you planning a vacation? We’ll share our expertise there to make sure you make the right choice and let you know what weather to expect.

We’re just getting started here, so you can consider this our “beta launch.” Yes, we launched on April Fools’ Day, but this is no joke! We’d love to hear what you think, and if you have a weather question, feel free to contact us.

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Happy Weather Watching,

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